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The story
If you’ve Googled any question about ProPresenter, it’s likely that one of my tutorial videos has come up in the search. I started making tutorials for churches in February of 2011, but it wasn’t until June of the next year that people started noticing. That’s when I went from teaching about video production, in general, to how to use ProPresenter in specific.

Since then, I’ve done over 200 tutorials (216 at last count) on ProPresenter and am always looking for ways to help you get more out of this incredible program. That’s why I’ve decided to create this keyboard skin.

Why you should be using keyboard shortcuts

In the age of the mouse and touch screens, you might think that keyboard shortcuts are passé, but if you think so, you’re wrong.  Keyboard shortcuts enable you to access functionality MUCH faster than in any other way.  A menu doesn’t have to be open and a button doesn’t have to exist for you to access them.  As long as they have a shortcut, you can get to them.

There’s a problem, though.  How do you remember all the shortcuts?

For years, professionals have had a secret–special keyboards, skins, and stickers.  Until recently, no such item existed for ProPresenter, that is until now.  With the input of the (at the time) over 6,000 members of this community, I designed a skin just for you and your church.

Q: Does this work for Windows?
A: No, this is for the Mac version of ProPresenter.

Q: I have Apple wireless keyboard with small function keys that takes AA batteries, will this one work for it?
A: No. The similarly sized Magic Keyboard has larger function keys and charges with a lightning cable, so it’s different AND this keyboard skin was designed for THAT keyboard.

Q: Can I get one for another Mac keyboard?
A: Not right now.  I designed it for the Magic keyboard because Apple is still selling them AND they’re very similar to the keyboards on current MacBooks and MacBook Pros.  I’d love to make another version for the Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad and MacBook Pro with touch bar, but I don’t know if there’s interest for those yet.  If you can’t wait, it is possible to alter this skin to make it work in the interim.

Q: Do you have them for other worship software like Mediashout, Proclaim, Easy Worship, etc.?
A: Not yet, but tell me if you’re interested.  I just need to get an order of a couple hundred together to make it make sense.


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